Why AccSwift?

  1. Completely developed in Nepal from scratch
  2. Supports Nepali Date
  3. Reports are developed according to Nepali trends
  4. Highly Scalable
    Since Bent Ray has full authority to source code, we can add any features as required by the clients.
  5. Highly Parameterized
    System is designed with all the possible options available.
    You can choose any settings like you can set Nepali date whereas another user may be comfortable with English date. That’s OK, we have a provision to do that.
    You’ll be able to set your preference level – say you want your default Bank Account to be “Bank A” which will come first on all Bank transactions you want to make.
  6. Easy to use Interface
    Both Keyboard and Mouse friendly.
    Easy shortcuts to vouchers and reports
  7. Do you actually remember when its time for VAT submission or Audit Report submissions?
    Do not worry, our software remembers everything and will remind you for that. Additionally, you can set your custom reminders to both you or any other users.
  8. Generates VAT collection and VAT payments report automatically.
    You’ll not require to bother yourself calculating VAT amount to be paid manually. Our software does that for you. Doesn’t matter if your company pays VAT monthly, quarterly or yearly.
  9. Ease of access to information
    Our birds eye view of any information enables you to get up to the voucher level from any information you see in the system. This enables you to make sure where and how the information is formed.
  10. Project wise resource allocation is possible
    You might have many projects running in your company. You can make transactions according to projects so that while you generate reports, you can be specific to projects
  11. Accounting Class – A new term introduced
    This feature will allow you to create yourself a new “Accounting Class” which later on, you can generate your reports particularly based on that Class. Say you want to generate individual reports according to any department or a summarized report of all, this feature will help you.
  12. Multi User Support
    If you have many software users(like accountant and managers), our software will have individual login for them with only functions that fall in their authority.
  13. Centralized Database System
    This software will store their data centrally even in distant location. Lets say you have your head office in Kathmandu and branch office in Pokhara. The transaction made in Pokhara can also be reflected in your Head office in Kathmandu.
  14. Audit Log reports
    This report will help you detect which user has done what changes and at what time, so that you can detect frauds or errors.
  15. Keeps record of stocks.
    The software is capable of managing your stocks depotwise. Even if you have more than 1 depot location, this software will keep record and manage them individually. You can choose your settings whether to allow negative stocks(if there are no items in stock) or simply warn or allow.
  16. POS(Point of Sales) Interface Included.
    This interface is for sales counter with a KIOSK or Touch screen monitor.
  17. After Sales Service
    We provide phone support, field visits, upgradation and maintenance as soon as our client requires.
    If you have any problem or issues with the software, our managed issue tracker system and instant support will take care of it and can solve it instantly.
    If you want to add few features that your company demands, we will be able to do that for you.
  18. Technical Strength
    Our team of software developer is highly skilled, enthusiastic and dedicated. They have always been working hard in order to make the software better than yesterday’s.
  19. Robust Architecture
    The software is developed using cutting edge technology.
    The front end is developed in modern programming language C#.NET
    The backend is developed in MS SQL Server which is one of the most powerful RDBMS(Relational Database Management System) in the world and can manage tons of data efficiently.
    The whole system is strictly designed in 3 tier and MVC(Model View Controller) architecture, which is a modern practice in Software Engineering.

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